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The key international guidelines for air cargo transportation are flight safety, reliability and guaranteed delivery of any cargo to the required place. Each of the aviation countries practicing this business has its own system developments, the purpose of which is to align with similar standards in other states. In order to reduce all these numerous formats, which often have many serious differences from each other, to a common denominator, the specialists of IATA - the International Air Transport System - had to resort to the creation in 2003 of a unified system of security audit of aviation structures. It is known among air carriers as an international IOSA standard, the requirements of which every member of the association, without exception, must comply with. This standard compares favorably with similar systems in many countries due to its consistency, minimization of risks depending on the personal factor, a clear feedback system, a reduction in insurance and leasing costs, a noticeably reduced number of all kinds of checks, audits, strict requirements for employees, their remarkable skill and other aspects.

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